Thursday, 24 March 2016

I've been nominated by fabulous fellow blogger Chloe Hanks, to take part in the Liebster award blog chain. The concept is that you answer 11 questions posed by the blogger and then you write a further 11 questions to a further 11 nominees of your choice. Sounds pretty savvy. ENJOY...

Here are my answers to Chloe's questions:

1. Which writer has had the biggest influence on your written work?
I'm going to have to go for two: Winston Churchill and Malcolm Gladwell.

2. What are the main inspirations behind what you write?
I'm very passionate about the basic principal of younger people being aware of a variety of viewpoints on a range of political and social matters; it's what gets us thinking properly. This inspires me to write what many would view as an alternative viewpoint on often controversial issues, but doing so honestly and with compassion. I also feel that we need fundamental change in our approach to politics in the UK and engaging other sectors such as business and finance to benefit the wider society through innovative thinking. This motivates me to explore ways in which we can do so, from a student perspective.

3. What would you like to achieve in the next five years?
I'm still relatively unsure; my main aspiration at the moment is to establish my writing and knowledge of the issues that I am passionate about, though more experience, which is increasingly becoming available to me. I've got a few entrepreneurial ideas up my sleeve which I would absolutely love to explore. But who knows...that's the joy of being young I guess.

4. What fact can you name that not many people know about you?
I used to dress up in Victorian styled dresses (not for a good 10 years+ I'd like to emphasize).

5. What is your biggest pet hate?
Poor grammar

6. Who is your favourite musician?
Stevie Wonder

7. What is your go to comfort food?
Again, there's two: steak and ale pie and Jaffa cakes (separately).

8. What movie do you watch when you're sad?
'Withnail and I'

9. What was the last song you listened too?
'Little wing' by Jimi Hendrix

10. What is your favourite dessert?
Nutella and cream cheese calzone - only to be found in 'Gusto' Restaurant, Albert Dock in Liverpool.

11. Blogging aside, what is your favourite hobby?
Playing non-monetary poker with my two best mates and...reading. 

I'd like to nominate the following people:

+Richard Branson 




Emily Clarke

Here are my questions for you:

1. Can you name one book or article that inspired your writing?

2. Who in your view, is the worlds greatest creative mind?

3. Do you believe, as bloggers we should seek to provide solutions or instead suggest different ways of interpreting a subject/issue?

4. Do you believe that society is currently doing enough to encourage innovative thinking?

5. In as few words as possible, describe what you wish to achieve through your writing?

6. Do you think the media currently recognises independent voices enough?  

7. What’s the most inspirational film you’ve watched?

8. Is there a specific place/environment where you write best in?

9. Should we do more to tackle extremism through social media and blogging and in what ways?

10. How do you believe blogs should offer in comparison to newspaper articles?

11. Name one fact that not many people know about yourself.

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